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Welcome to Robertson County Animal Clinic! Let us give your pets the best care possible while making it convenient and affordable for you.

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Robertson County Animal Clinic


We are dedicated to partnering with you in giving your pets the care they deserve. Your pets are always there for you and we know you are there for them as well. It is our goal to educate and empower you to give them the longest and healthiest life possible.



Dr. John T. Johnston

Dr. Johnston grew up in Lawrenceburg, TN and is a 1972 graduate of Lawrence Co. High School.  He attended the University of Tennessee at Martin receiving a B.S. degree in Animal Science in 1976. He met his wife Bonnie Brooks of Springfield, TN while in undergrad.  They married in 1974 and have two daughters.



Dr. Daniel L. Hitch

Dr. Hitch (or Dr. Dan) grew up in Westmoreland, Kansas.  He graduated from Westmoreland High School in 1973 and attended Kansas State University.  He received his B.S. degree in Animal Science 1978.  Dr. Dan practiced in Waihale Valley, Hawaii for five years.  He and his wife, Mona, moved to Springfield in 1985 and joined our practice.



Dr. Wesley Crabtree

Dr. Crabtree grew up in Gallatin, TN, and graduated from College Heights Christian Academy in 2006. He received a BS degree in Animal Science in 2010 and DVM degree in 2015 from UT Knoxville. After graduation he worked for Nashville Veterinary Specialists and for Banfield, where he met his wife Jamie. They were married in 2017 and have one furry child named Fiona. Dr. Crabtree joined our team October 2017.



Erin Pappas

  • Bio

Erin joined our team September 2014.  Her favorite part of the job is getting to help pets go home happy and healthy.

Erin is from Robertson County and graduated from Greenbrier High School in 2006. She is married and is currently living in Cedar Hill. She enjoys baking, reading, being on the farm, and spending time with family. She has 1 dog named Bella and 1 goat named Ella.


Vet Assistant

April Martindale

  • Bio

April has been with us off and on since 2002.  She says the best thing about her job is the “puppies and kittens”. ” It’s great to watch them grow up and play a role in their happy and healthy life.  We are a family here and we try to treat everyone that walks through the door the same way and I love that.”

April has lived in the Springfield/Cedar Hill area her whole life.  She has 2 wonderful children and  2 cats.


Vet Assistant

Erika Balthrop

  • Bio

Erika has been with us since July 2009.  The thing she enjoys most about her job is that you never know what’s going to come through the door.  Every day is different.

Erika grew up in Coopertown/Springfield and graduated from Springfield High in 2009.  She is married and they had their first child in 2015.  She has 2 horses.  She loves to spend time with them, ride four-wheelers, and play softball.


Vet Assistant

Victoria Woods

  • Bio

Victoria joined our team April 2017. Her favorite part of the job is getting to help animals feel better. Victoria is from southern Illinois and grew up on a livestock farm. She has been living in Tennessee for 3 years now.

She graduated Austin Peay State University in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Science and Business. She is getting married in October 2017. Victoria likes to be outside and spend time with her family and pets. She also shows hogs every summer. She currently has 3 cats.


Vet Assistant

Jennifer Knap

  • Bio
Jennifer Knap joined Robertson County Animal Clinic in June 2017 as a veterinary assistant. She has worked in veterinary medicine for 17 years, including 12 years in management. She loves interacting with the animals, the clients, and knowing that every day is going to be different.
Jennifer grew up in Cross Plains, and graduated from East Robertson High School in 1997. She enjoys camping, reading, crosswords, and spending time with her son, Patrick, and the rest of her family.


Vet Assistant

Rachel Phillips

  • Bio

Rachel Phillips joined our team in April 2018 as a veterinary assistant. She started in this field at a Nashville vet clinic where she thought it would be her second home until it was sold to a corporation, so she came to find a new place to call home — Robertson County Animal Clinic.
She is very pleased to be back in a family home environment. The clients and their babies will always be first to her. She hopes to get to know the community well. She currently has 4 babies of the canine variety, chickens, and 1 rabbit.


Kennel Assistant

Nicole Sloan

  • Bio

Nicole joined our team August 2016. She is a student at Springfield High School and will graduate the year of 2019. She plans to go to college and get a degree as a Veterinarian Assistant. Her favorite part of working here is seeing all the sweet animals leave clean and happy.

Nicole has 1 dog and 1 cat. She has lived in Springfield her whole life and loves the town.


Kennel Assistant

Ashlee Heinlein

  • Bio

Ashlee joined us in August 2014.  Her passion for animals makes being able to work with them every day such a blessing.

Ashlee is originally from New York.  Her family moved to Tennessee 11 years ago.  She graduated from Springfield High School in 2015 and now is attending UT Martin for pre-vet courses.  Ashlee had a dog named Sasha and a turtle named Todo.


Kennel Assistant

Ashlea Jones

  • Bio

Ashlea joined our team August 2017. Her favorite thing about the job is seeing all the cute cuddly puppies.

Ashlea grew up in Springfield, TN. She graduated in 2013. She recently got married to her fiancé of 5 years. She has a 3 year old son. She currently has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 10 fish.


Pet Groomer

Nicole Jones

  • Bio

Nicole has been with us since 1998.  She learned how to groom and took over as our pet groomer in 2000.

Nicole grew up in Cross Plains and graduated from East Robertson.  She is married with 2 boys, a dog, and 2 cats.  Her family is the most important thing in her life.


Pet Groomer

Christinea Hand

  • Bio

Christinea has been with us since May 2010.  Her favorite part of the job is seeing sick pets go home happy and healthy, wagging their tails.

Christinea grew up here in Robertson County and graduated from Springfield High in 2008.  She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have 2 wonderful children.  Also part of the family are 4 dogs, 1 bird, and 1 guinea pig.


Pet Groomer

Jenna Baker

  • Bio

Jenna has been with us off and on since November 1994.  She has been part of our grooming team since 2002.  Her favorite part of her job is the relationship she has with her clients and their pets.  “It amazes me how thoughtful and appreciative they are of the work we do.”

Jenna grew up in Greenbrier, TN and graduated from Greenbrier High in 1996.  She is married and had their first child in 2015. She has 2 cats and 2 horses.  She enjoys riding, hiking, movies, and reading.

I am new to the Springfield area and dreaded having to find new vets. The staff and vets are wonderful. With three dogs and four cats I have made multiple visits and have found them to be helpful, compassionate and dedicated. I have a sick Maine Coon that they are trying different things with. My previous vet basically said it is what it is, nothing else to do. I am so grateful they are willing to at least try to get him some relief. They also neutered my puppy. He came home the same day acting as if nothing had happened at all. He got out of the car wanting to play. I think this group of vets is wonderful and am so glad I found them.




Vaccines and Wellness Exams

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Each cat and dog has different needs. Are they an indoor pet, an outdoor pet, or both?  Are they around other pets on a regular basis, such as in a kennel, at the groomers, or visiting family?  Do you live in the country or area where wildlife is present?  All of these factors determine the needs of your individual pet, from vaccinations to preventive products like heartworm and flea medications.  We will evaluate your situation and develop a plan that best protects your cat or dog from every pest and problem.


Preventive Care/Client Education

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In people, especially children, we see our doctor regularly for vaccinations and general checkups to make sure everything is as it should be and detect problems early.  The same is true for pets.  More and more, as veterinary medicine advances, we realize the importance of preventive practices.  Although we certainly want to be there for you and your pet when they are sick or hurt, we also want to be there in between.  Pets age at much faster rate than humans so a once a year checkup for you needs to be a twice a year checkup for your pet.  This is most important for senior pets when we want to prevent things like diabetes and kidney problems.  Let us guide you and your faithful friend through every stage of their life to help make the most of it.


Surgery and Medicine

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Our clinic practices general medicine seeing and treating a variety of problems.  Taking care of ear infections, skin allergies, respiratory issues, and stomach upset is all in a day’s work.  The expansive in-house pharmacy allows us to send needed medications home with you right then.  So no dropping off, waiting, and picking up your prescriptions necessary. Our doctors perform all types of general surgery such as spaying, neutering, declawing of cats, and repairing cuts and wounds.  We also set and splint broken bones whenever possible.  However, for any major orthopedic surgeries or repairs, we will refer you to a specialist in that field to ensure you get the best treatment for that type of injury.


Diagnostic/In House Lab

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Our excellent in-house laboratory means quicker results for you and your pet.  Not having to wait days for basic testing to diagnose what’s wrong can make all the difference in treatment and recovery.  But determining a diagnosis can be a process.  Since our pets can’t tell us what hurts and what symptoms they are experiencing, the best we can we can do is rule out one thing at a time.  From a simple heartworm test, parasite exam, or urinalysis to a blood glucose check, complete blood count (CBC), and serum chemistry profile (internal physical exam of vital organs), we’ll do whatever it takes to determine the problem and the best course of action.  Making sure your questions and concerns are taken care of and your beloved furry friend gets well is what we do.


Digital Imaging (X-rays)

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We have digital imaging radiology, which means you don’t have to wait days to find out how serious or minor your pet’s condition may be.  This technology provides us with accurate pictures in minutes allowing you to see them in the office, take home on a CD, or send to a specialist if needed.  We understand how important this is for you because instead of suffering and waiting, we can begin appropriate treatments immediately providing the best for your pet.


Laser Therapy

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We are proud to offer the latest technology in the form of MLS Laser Therapy.  This form of therapy (used by professional athletes) uses wavelengths of light to stimulate cells and surrounding tissues.  It is a painless procedure, lasting only minutes, and can be used to treat various conditions such as arthritis, wound healing, surgery recovery, chronic inflammation, and more.  Call our office to schedule a consultation today!


Dental Treatments

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Regular dental exams and routine cleanings are a must for our pets too.  Studies show 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop periodontal disease or gingivitis before 3 years of age.  And dental issues lead to overall poor health.  Bacteria and plaque  build up causing bad breath and then get into your pet’s bloodstream through the gumline, eventually resulting in damage to the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. You may not know there’s a problem until your pet has difficulty eating or terrible breath but it can be prevented with regular dental exams.  We’ll perform dental brushing, scaling, polishing and extractions if necessary depending on the condition of your pet’s teeth and gums.  Let us help you take care of your pet’s teeth and you’ll both feel a lot better.



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Nicole and Jenna have 22 years of grooming experience combined.  With attention to customer service and detail, we strive to make you happy giving you the haircut you desire whenever possible.  Our full service grooming includes:

toenails clipped
ears plucked and cleaned
anal glands expressed
flea treatment if necessary (*at additional cost)

Grooms are scheduled Monday-Friday with appointments being dropped off between 7:30-8:30.  We require a current Rabies vaccination and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination for the protection of our clinic/staff and your pet.



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Whether you’re going on vacation or having a family emergency, let us take the worry out of who’ll care for your pets.  Our kennels and cat room are heat and air-conditioned for your pet’s comfort.  We provide clean bedding and feed Hills’ Science Diet.  Feel free to bring any comforts from home to make their stay with us more enjoyable; such as his/her own food, toys, treats, or blanket.  The kennel staff is more than capable of making sure your pet gets any needed medications and that a doctor is notified immediately if any issues should arise.

Your dog is let outside one at a time in a fenced area to get excercise and take care of business throughout the day.  The kitties have their own room outside the kennel for more quiet tranquility.  Each cat will get their own condo where they can soak up the sun through the large picture window.? Do they need to get a physical or vaccinations?  Great!   We can take care of everything they need during their stay.

Let your pet hotel with us while you’re away.  No reservation needed but they are appreciated.

The best reference is a good word




Our family has been cared for at Robertson County Animal Clinic for almost 40 years. Their care, compassion and concern we receive from you staff means more than you know.



We love the staff! I know my babies are in great hands when they are there. You can see the love they have for the animals they care for!



Mon – Fri
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Drop-off at 7:30 am

Closed on the following holidays:
Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day


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